John Sawoski, Keyboardist / Composer / Producer (Photo: Bob Young Photography)
John Sawoski
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TitleDescriptionMore Information
Chopin Scherzo #2 in B-flat Minor
John Sawoski, KeyboardistJohn Sawoski plays the Quantum Leap Pianos Steinway.
Jacques Ibert Flute Concerto Excerpt
John Sawoski, Pianist
Zachary Valenzuela, Flute
From the album Masterworks for Flute, featuring flutist Zachary Valenzuela accompanied by John Sawoski, recorded and edited in April 2009 by John Sawoski at John Sawoski Studio
Music for the Visual MediaJohn Sawoski, Film/TV ComposerClick here
Audio Clips from the film "Winning Ugly"John Sawoski, Film ComposerClick here
Danny Boy with Dennis McNeil
John Sawoski, Orchestrator
Dennis McNeil, Tenor
From live orchestra concert featuring tenor Dennis McNeil.
Music for Low Flutes 
John Sawoski, piano
Peter Sheridan, Flutes
Recorded in Los Angeles, 2008. For more details, click herefor Peter Sheridan's music page.
The Impossible DreamSam McElroy, Baritone
John Sawoski, producer
Recorded at John Sawoski's studio. Pre-recorded orchestra.
Danny Boy with Sam McElroySam McElroy, Baritone
John Sawoski, arranger/pianist
Recorded at John Sawoski's studio.
Is It Over? from The Count of Monte CristoDavis Gaines and Lisa Vroman, VocalistsClick here
Angel of Vengeance fromThe Count of Monte CristoDavis Gaines, VocalistClick here
Festival of Lights Clips
Tannoz Bahremand, Vocalist
John Sawoski, Pianist / Arranger / Orchestrator / Copyist / Contractor / Musical Director.
Click here
I Believe in Love Solo Piano Album ClipsJohn Sawoski, PianoClick here
Pianist with pops Orch.clipJohn Sawoski w/pops orch.Click here for full-length clip
Solo Piano SamplerJohn SawoskiClick here
Oscar Mayer Ham CommercialJohn Sawoski, pianoFeaturing Tom Poston on voice-over.  J. Walter Thompson, Chicago, 1996.
Una Bella DonnaJohn Sawoski, synth stringsFrom Carl Rigoli's album, Pasquale Square.
JourneyJohn Sawoski, synth stringsFrom Carl Rigoli's album, Journey.
Simply ElegantJohn Sawoski, synth stringsFrom Carl Rigoli's album, Journey.
Wedding Ceremony Music
John Sawoski, Keyboards
Chris Tedesco, Trumpets
Click here
White Boys from New JerseyJohn Sawoski, rapper / songwriter / keyboardist / co-producer with Paul Nahay, Ryan Moore, and othersComedy/rap/novelty project released in 1994. Click here