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Updated: July 06, 2013 

Video Gallery
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Ladies Night in "The Wedding Singer"
John Sawoski played keyboards in this scene from the popular film "The Wedding Singer."
John Sawoski has completed arranging, orchestrating, and tracking an album of 10 songs using 30 musicians for singer-songwriter Shmueli. The finished album should be released in the third quarter of 2013. To the right is a short, behind-the-scenes video clip of one recording session.


Trailer for "Lemo"
In February 2009, John Sawoski played the piano with a 60-piece orchestra on a series of scoring sessions at Capitol Records Studios and Glenwood Place Studios for Finnish composer Tuomas Kantilenin's score for Lemo, released in 2009 in Europe, but still unreleased in the USA.

Rehearsal of Korngold's "Tomorrow"
Rehearsal Saturday afternoon, October 30, 2010:
John Sawoski using Keyboard Wizard to enhance the Golden State Pops Orchestra, in their "Halloween Fright Night" concert. Conducted by Jeffrey Schindler, and featuring his wife, mezzo-soprano Bonnie Schindler, the concert featured a rare performance of Erich Wolfgang Korngold's lush and evocative tone poem Tomorrow, Op. 33 for mezzo-soprano, women's chorus and orchestra. 8pm, at the Warner Grand Theatre, 478 W. 6th St., San Pedro, CA 90731. Keyboardist John Sawoski uses Keyboard Wizard to play synth, organ, celeste, tiefe glocke (deep bell) and female choir parts (from Quantum Leap Symphonic Choirs), simultaneously, live.

Recently seen on YouTube: "Quake Rap"
John Sawoski and Scott Fivelson were the members of Scared Boy. Lyrics by Scott Fivelson, Music by John Sawoski, Arranging and Rapping by John Sawoski.

"The Last Time" - A Song About the Terrorist Massacre in Itamar 

Click here to purchase on iTunes (money goes to charity)

Composed and Sung by Shmuel Schwartz
Arranged and Performed by John Sawoski
Video by Daniel Sultan
March 15, 2011

Five members of an Israeli family were slaughtered Friday night, March 11, 2011, when a Palestinian terrorist broke into their home in the West Bank settlement of Itamar and stabbed them all to death. The innocent victims were Rabbi Udi Fogel, his wife Ruth, and three of their children Elad, Yoav and Hadas.

Scenes from "Winning Ugly: Twenty Years Later" - Music by John Sawoski
Produced, Edited, and Directed by Jeff Einhorn -​ Music by John Sawoski. Courtesy of Jeff Einhorn.

First 5 minutes from Winning Ugly: 20 Years Later, a documentary on the 1983 Western Division Champion Chicago White Sox season and twenty year reunion.

From winning ugly to just plain winning, see how it all happened. Includes the pennant clinching moment and locker room celebration from September 17, 1983.
The reunion section of Winning Ugly: 20 Years Later. (Produced, Edited, and Directed by Jeff Einhorn -​ Music by John Sawoski) 

"Hello Molly" - Opening Scene from The Starter Wife, Season 1, Episode 6: "The Ex-Files."

First broadcast on the USA Network November 7, 2008.

"Hello Dolly" by Jerry Herman. Music adapted, arranged, orchestrated, and conducted as "Hello Molly" by Rick Fleishman. John Sawoski, pianist; and John Sawoski, keyboardist. Other musicians: Jeff Bunnell and Bob O'Donnell, trumpet;Les Benedict, trombone/bass trombone; Steve Carr, tenor sax; Paul Morin, bass; Paul Goldberg, drums; Delia Park, violin; Bobby Korda, violin; Joel Lish, viola. Recorded July 29, 2008 at Entourage Studios, North Hollywood, CA.

The Room Swayin' and the Band Playin' - During the recording session, at 11:42 am, the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area experienced its largest earthquake in years as a magnitude 5.4 event occurred 8.5 miles beneath the Chino Hills. This earthquake was felt across much of southern California, and as far away as Las Vegas, Nevada.

For information about the series, starring Debra Messing, please see:

 Cover Art

The Starter Wife, Season 1, Episode 6: The Ex-Files


Release Date: Oct 11, 2008
Genre: Drama
2008 Universal Network Television LLC. All Rights Reserved.

John Sawoski's "Cradle Song"
John Sawoski's "Cradle Song," sung by Sophia Sawoski and the Christmas children's choir in A Festival of Lessons and Carols at St. Paul the Apostle Catholic Church in Los Angeles under the direction of renowned composer Christopher Walker, December 14, 2008

Vaughn Suponatime
Frank Sinatra impersonator Vaughn Suponatime with The Capistrano Valley Symphony, "Swinging at the Mission."

Live from The Mission San Juan Capistrano, California

John Sawoski, Keyboardist
The Late Carlo Spiga, Conductor

For more information on Vaughn Suponatime, please see

Disneyland Candlelight Concert

YouTube Video of 2011 Candlelight Concert at Disneyland. John Sawoski, keyboardist.

John Sawoski has played keyboards with the orchestra for Disneyland's Annual Candlelight Concert since 2004. The concert includes a 650-voice choir, various soloists, and a celebrity guest narrator. Town Square, Disneyland. The orchestra, made up mostly of Los Angeles studio musicians, performs a beautifully moving collection of Christmas music, from Handel's Hallelujah Chorus to songs and carols arranged by Bob Krogstad, John Rutter, Jack Askew, Peter Knight, Ken Whitcomb, musical director Bruce Healey, and others. The conductor is Nancy Sulahian, Director of Chamber Singers in the Los Angeles Master Chorale.

Carosello, from the movie Showboy
In this scene from the movie Showboy, the lead character tours the Liberace Museum in Las Vegas and fantasizes about playing a piece that sounds like something Liberace would play (actually composed and performed by John Sawoski).

Robert Drasnin's Voodoo II Album

John Sawoski's keyboard-playing can now be heard on Robert Drasnin's newly-released album, Voodoo II, with Mike Lang, Bobby Shulgold, Peggy Baldwin, and others. See these You-Tube Videos for more information.

The album is available for on-demand listening at or from retailers such as

Sony Pictures' "Walk Hard"

John Sawoski appears in several scenes of Sony Pictures' 2008 release of "Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story," contracted by Rick Fleishman of Visual Music. Click at left to watch the trailer, in which John Sawoski appears momentarily in a scene with "Elvis Presley," played by Jack White of White Stripe.

Videos from The 19th Annual Spotlight Awards

John Sawoski played keyboards, along with keyboardists John Beasley and Giovanna Imbesi, as Kim Richmond music directed The 19th Annual Spotlight Awards April 14, 2007 at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, Los Angeles Music Center; 7 PM. John Lithgow hosted. Click here for more information. Also in the band: bassist Joel Hamilton, drummer Ralph Razze, and guitarist Tom Hynes.

The videos to the left feature the orchestra along with the high school-age performers on stage at that program.

More from The Spotlight Awards:

This program was broadcast on KCET-TV (PBS) in Los Angeles in 2008.

And the winners are:


(Nice fanfares from the pit)

China Reflections

Scenes from Santa Monica College's travel, cultural exchange, and performances in conjunction with the 50th anniversary celebration of Shandong University of the Arts in Jinan, China. October 2008. For more information, click here.

Staar Clip (warning: rated R for explicit lyric and visual content)
Leslie /dancer/actress (wife of film director Robert Zemeckis) performing one of her signature songs as Staar on stage at the Conga Room in Los Angeles, with pianist/musical director John Sawoski and his band (warning: explicit lyric content).
Click Here

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