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Updated: July 06, 2013 

John Sawoski Musical Directs "Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh" Again

March 2001 - John Sawoski will be musical directing his third production of the musical Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh Friday and Saturday March 9-10 at the Annenberg Theater in Palm Springs. The show features some of Allan Sherman's best loved songs: Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh, Crazy Downtown, and Harvey and Sheila. The cast includes Karen Needle, Don Lucas, Leslie Klein, Jim Doughan, and Paul Kreppel. Directed by Paul Kreppel, who also starred in the original New York production. This production will also be presented at California State University at Northridge on April 22.


Listen to Music by John Sawoski Right Now at 2001 - You can now listen (for free) to hours recordings of John Sawoski's music in streaming audio at (replaced 12/03 with this link), as well as purchase low-cost ($6.99) audio CD's of various collections. More music is being uploaded daily, so check the site often.


"White Boys from New Jersey" Re-released

March 2001 - John Sawoski and Paul Nahay have re-released their award-winning comedy song "White Boys from New Jersey," which Dr. Demento called "very entertaining" when he played it on his nationwide radio show in the 1990's, as part of a special 2001 edition of their 5-song CD called Let The Listener Beware. Check it out in streaming audio at White Boys From New Jersey (replaced 12/03 with this link), and buy it (only $7.99).


Swan Software Now Available to All Keyboardists for only $199

Click to order Swan!March 2001 - Swan Orchestral Systems (co-owned by John Sawoski) has begun issuing unrestricted licenses to the full version of its proprietary Swan software, the live-performance MIDI software that is revolutionizing keyboard-playing around the world. Now everyone - professionals and amateurs, theater companies and individuals - can use Swan, for only $199. (Previously, only non-profit organizations could use a user-programmable version of Swan.) Click here for an audio example of what you (or your keyboard-playing friends) can do with Swan.


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Business Calls: (310) 590-6000
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