John Sawoski, Keyboardist / Composer / Producer (Photo: Bob Young Photography)
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Updated: July 06, 2013 


Once Around the Biz

Update on John Sawoski's latest appearances

December 24, 1999 -- John Sawoski (Stanford class of '85), who married director and professor Perviz Shetty in October, frequently accompanies singers in concert, shows, and on recordings. He recently accompanied international opera stars Dennis McNeil and Jeralyn Glass Refeld at the opening of the Harlyne J. Norris Pavilion in Palos Verdes, and frequently accompanies Mr. McNeil in his concerts around the US, and will play for Mr. McNeil on New Years Eve 1999 at a private gathering at Zapata Ranch near Morro Bay, CA. He is currently keyboard sub on Les Miserables at the Ahmanson Theater in LA, as well as music director of the Allan Sherman musical "Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah" (directed by its writer Rob Krausz), playing at University of Judaism in LA January 8-11. He plays piano on a lounge revival version of "Nun Seh Ich Woll" (from Gustav Mahler"s "Die Kindertotenlieder") on the Skip Heller album, "Couch, Los Angeles" (click here to listen),  and he appears as pianist on camera in Jim Carrey's "Man on the Moon." He and former Stanford professor Paul Nahay also are currently licensing a piece of music software for live theater called "Swan Studio" through their company, Swan Orchestral Systems.

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John Sawoski
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